‘Honey Bees’ #2 on RDU in Christchurch!

What an incredible end to Album Release Day! ‘Honey Bees’ is #2 on RDU 98.5fm in Christchurch. Many thanks to everyone who voted 💓🎸😍 Album physical copies near you – https://thegrawlixes.com/home/audio/ Album listening options – https://smarturl.it/grawlixes Tour tickets: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/


ALBUM RELEASE DAY!! Our brand new album ‘Love You To Death’ comes out today!! We’re so proud of it and are so thankful of everyone who has been involved and supported us. It’s been 3 year in the making, with a lot of effort by a lot of people. Special thanks to our label Home Alone Music, distributor DRM NZ, Robin Cederman, Alex V, Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa, Ben Lemi, Jake Baxendale & James Guilford for making the album sound exquisite. And Emma Minor, Leonardo Coghini & Phoebe Johnson for making us sound super tight for our upcoming album tour.

Final Production & Mixing by Tom Healy Written & co-produced by Robin Cederman & Penelope Esplin. Recorded by Lee Prebble at @www.thesurgerystudio.co.nz at The Surgery, Newtown, Wellington. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering Cover photograph, design & layout by John Gareth Duke

Performed by – Robin Cederman: Acoustic & Electric guitar, Vocals, Synth & Keyboard, Piano, Vibraphone Penelope Esplin: Accordion, Vocals, Tambourine Alex Vaatstra: Violin Ben Lemi: Bass Hikurangi Schavarien-Kaa: Drums & Percussion Jake Baxendale: Saxophone, Clarinet James Guilford: Trumpet

Buy near you – https://thegrawlixes.com/home/audio/ Listening options – https://smarturl.it/grawlixes Tour tickets: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

‘Honey Bees’ is #1 across all NZ Student Radio Stations

INCREDIBLE!!! ‘Honey Bees’ is #1 across all NZ Student Radio Stations!! This is massive!! Thank you to everyone for voting. You guys are amazing!! We wouldn’t have gotten there without you, so thank you so so so so SO much 💓🎸😍💓🎸😍 And huge thanks to 95bFMRadioActive.FMRadio One 91FMRadio Control 99.4FM, & RDU 98.5 FM for playlisting the song. This is a dream come true. With special thanks to RNZ Music & Undertheradar.co.nz for posting the song and video.

If you want to hear/get the song yourself, you can go here: https://smarturl.it/honeybees

Not to mention…ALBUM RELEASE TOMORROW!! Our brand new album ‘Love You To Death’ comes out tomorrow!! We’re so proud of it and can not wait to share it with you all. Special thanks to our amazing label Home Alone Music, distributor DRM NZ, Lee Prebble for recording skills, Tom Healy for production, Robin Cederman, Alex Vaatstra, Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa, Ben Lemi, Jake Baxendale & James Guilford for making the album sound exquisite. And Emma Minor, Leonardo Coghini & Phoebe Johnson for making us sound super tight live.

Album pre-save: https://smarturl.it/pre-grawlixes
Tour tickets: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

Album Release in 2 days! And some other lovely things

Did we mention our album comes out in 2 days?!

Album pre-save: https://grawlixesnz.bandcamp.com/album/love-you-to-death

Tour tickets: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

It’s around the world in 7 days here at Grawlixes… our music is getting some love around the globe

In Canada, the ever wonderful The Revue posted ‘Honey Bees’: “The serene approach gradually gives away to a moment of pure exhilaration, as Esplin’s intimate voice rises and accompanied by Cederman and a rising chorus of wonderful sound. In some ways, this song has an air of Pan’s Labyrinth, where one finds solitude in the harbors of an enchanted garden…Magical indeed.”

Spain, care of Indie Criollo, with a thoughtful blog post on ‘Honey Bees’ saying “Grawlixes brings Honey Bees , his latest song, which grows with great confidence as he lets us see who he is. The proposal has a musical softness that places you in a very reflective slumber, where you can feel the naturalness of the world and your personality, which faces the world of this proposal, which asks at every moment to recognize where we are from. The singer gave us a hug made into a song, with an aspect of glory that can never stop brightening our privacy.” I suspect google translate might not have done it’s best work there. 

France, care of the ever lovely Jean-Noel at Calypso World played us on his radio station – click the link to listen to ‘Honey Bees’ at 21:25.

We also got more lovely mentions on Spotify:

Dope Indie/Alternative by Magic Frog Company (the first on the list. Yay!). How awesome is this image on their Spotify list by the way – so good.

‘City Across the Bay’ added to Qobuz New in Indie list

Wow! More good news. ‘City Across the Bay’ just got added to Qobuz ‘New in Indie’ playlist (which is the French equivalent of Apple Music) alongside acts like St. Vincent, Modest Mouse & King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. This is another incredible list to be on.

We’re not far from the top too: https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/4325701.

Huge thanks to DRM NZ and all you lovely people for listening and helping us get out there xoxo

Album Release Imminent – Thursday 15th July

So it’s unusual for us to post twice in one day, but this is very important.

Can you believe our new album, ‘Love You To Death’ is coming out this Thursday 15th July?! Luckily you can be notified by clicking the album pre-save link here: https://smarturl.it/pre-grawlixes. Easy as! Can’t wait to share it with you all 🔥😜😍💓

Tickets for our 12 date album release tour shows can be found here: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

Playlists and blog write ups. Thank you, thank you!

Just wanted to do a quick shoutout to all the playlists and blogs who have written or posted about ‘Honey Bees’ or ‘City Across the Bay’ in the last week.

We are overwhelmed with the response and couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I don’t miss anything…

‘Honey Bees’

UTR July 2021 by Undertheradar.co.nz

Melancholy Folk by Stream Mode

New Indie & Alternative by We Love Lo-Fi and their lovely blog post

Fresh Finds in Folk & Growth & Untouchable: Unheard Music by Devon Overbey

Radio One New Adds: June 2021 by Radio One 91FM

‘City Across the Bay’

Radioscope: New Kiwi Alternative by Radioscope

Wunderlust – Indie Folk/Folk Pop by UN Indie Folk Music

Hatchlings – New Kiwi Singles by NZ Musician Magazine

A Week in Music by Miserable Monday

Modern Indie Folk by Big Sun Records

Unxigned shared ‘City Across the Bay’ to 9 playlists: Unxigned – All in, Emerging, Global, 2021, Rad Finds, Acts to Watch, Alt/Indie Rock, Poppin Folk, Rock

New Sounds of Oceania by Roadie Music

So much phenomenal news!!

What a week!! ‘Honey Bees‘ got chosen as the Hit Pick for the week on Radio Control 99.4FM, then reached #4 on Radio One 91FM, then reached #4 on 95bfm.

Then ‘City Across the Bay‘ got shared on Apple Music‘s New Music Daily, a list of just 82 songs from around the world, alongside acts like Billie Eilish, Sufjan Stevens, Justin Beiber, Courtney Barnett, Aurora, Angel Olsen and Post Malone. The likelihood of us making it to this list is only .34% or 1 in 300, so we are elated. Check it out here: https://music.apple.com/nz/playlist/new-music-daily/pl.2b0e6e332fdf4b7a91164da3162127b5

Today is also the birthday of our incredibly talented bassist, Emma Minor. Happy birthday beautiful!!

And tonight, we are headlining the Wellington Tattoo Convention in collaboration with RadioActive.FM. Info from here. We’ll be playing as a 3-piece – our last show before our album release tour. Come get a tattoo, find out who has the best tattoo at 7:15pm and watch us play at 7:45pm. Check out their amazing venue below.

Don’t forget that you can get tickets for our 12 date album release tour with full band here: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

And a wee reminder that our new album comes out this Thursday, 15th July (Eeep). Pre-save link is here

‘City Across the Bay’ is on Apple’s New Music Daily!!!!..!!!

Ok – this is insane! We got shared on Apple’s New Music Daily, alongside Billie Eilish, courtney barnett, Angel Olsen & Sufjan Stevens. This is an insanely hard list to get on (consider that 24,000 songs are released every day, and we are chosen for a list of 82 songs). Like —-for reals. Insane!!

Check it out: https://music.apple.com/…/pl…

If you want to be one of the first people in the world to get ‘City Across the Bay’ go here: https://smarturl.it/pre-citybay