Album Release in 2 days! And some other lovely things

Did we mention our album comes out in 2 days?!

Album pre-save:

Tour tickets:

It’s around the world in 7 days here at Grawlixes… our music is getting some love around the globe

In Canada, the ever wonderful The Revue posted ‘Honey Bees’: “The serene approach gradually gives away to a moment of pure exhilaration, as Esplin’s intimate voice rises and accompanied by Cederman and a rising chorus of wonderful sound. In some ways, this song has an air of Pan’s Labyrinth, where one finds solitude in the harbors of an enchanted garden…Magical indeed.”

Spain, care of Indie Criollo, with a thoughtful blog post on ‘Honey Bees’ saying “Grawlixes brings Honey Bees , his latest song, which grows with great confidence as he lets us see who he is. The proposal has a musical softness that places you in a very reflective slumber, where you can feel the naturalness of the world and your personality, which faces the world of this proposal, which asks at every moment to recognize where we are from. The singer gave us a hug made into a song, with an aspect of glory that can never stop brightening our privacy.” I suspect google translate might not have done it’s best work there. 

France, care of the ever lovely Jean-Noel at Calypso World played us on his radio station – click the link to listen to ‘Honey Bees’ at 21:25.

We also got more lovely mentions on Spotify:

Dope Indie/Alternative by Magic Frog Company (the first on the list. Yay!). How awesome is this image on their Spotify list by the way – so good.

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