New updates!

So a lot has happened since we last did an update.

We supported the wonderful Delaney Davidson back in September, amongst other memorable performances, and recently performed at The Auckland Folk Festival, which was a fantastic experience.

We have been fairly quiet on the performance front for a reason however – the biggest news is that we’ve spent the last year and a half making a new album!! It’s all very exciting!! We spent a significant amount of time in Lee Prebble’s recording studio (The Surgery) recording bass, drums, clarinets, horns, even a vibraphone. And as a result have recently expanded the live band from our usual team of two or three, into a full band of five (with bass and drums).

We are yet to perform in public as a full band, but if you are in Wellington on the 29th of February, you can see our first full band performance in Home Alone‘s End of Summer Fest (along with other stellar bands such as French for Rabbits, Lake South, Dawn Diver & Ida Lune). Early bird tickets have already sold out, but if you keep an eye out on facebook, you should see an announcement for some additional tickets for those who are quick. Here is the link: Home Alone Summer Fest Info – 29th Feb 2020

In the meantime, here are some flowers and a video of Robin playing the vibraphone for our new album






Grawlixes Triumphantly Return to Daily Slog

We’re back in Wellington now, earning money to pay for decadent band-related expenses such as new wiper blades and a reliable guitar tuner. In other highly readable news, When You Motor Away feature our album of their blog today!

Thanks again for supporting us and for keeping us at #14 in the NZ Album Charts waho0o0o0oo0.
And if you haven’t quite managed to buy the album yet it’s available
on iTunes –
and bandcamp –


NZ Album Charts & Tour!

Grawlixes are the #1 “heatseeker” on the NZ Album Charts this week, and #9 overall! Thanks so much for all of your support to make this happen. We feel overwhelmingly lucky to have such amazing fans!

Not only that, but we’ve had amazing turnouts at our shows – Dunedin was packed to the brim at Dog with Two Tails. Plus we just supported the amazing Steve Gunn in Christchurch last night (at Blue Smoke) and will be supporting him again in Queenstown tonight (at The Sherwood).

In other amazing news, Jordan B Peterson tweeted about us! We watch A LOT of his YouTube videos, so we’re pretty stoked!

Album Release NZ Tour

Our Album Release NZ Tour continues!  Hooray!! We’re playing at the following places on the following dates. Please click on the links to find out more or, even better,  buy tickets:

Wednesday, 12th of July, Marahau (with Tea Tree Duo)
Friday, 14th of July, Dunedin (with Julian Temple Band)
Saturday, 15th of July, Christchurch (supporting Steve Gunn)
Sunday, 16th of July, Queenstown (supporting Steve Gunn)
Wednesday, 19th of July, Auckland (with Michael Cathro)
Thursday, 20th of July, Titirangi
Friday, 21st of July, Gisborne (with Timothy Blackman)
Saturday, 22nd of July, Rotorua (with Famous Will)
Sunday, 23rd of July, Hastings

You can buy our album from Bandcamp or ITunes. Hooray!

Grawlixes A3 All New

NZ Album Tour

We’ve just started our tour of NZ in celebration of our album release, Set Free. We played Wellington at Moon last night and so appreciate all of the people who came out in support. Not to mention all the lovely comments and album sales.

We’re headed to Foxton now to play at Little White Rabbit. We’re on stage between 4pm and 6pm.