‘Honey Bees’ #4 on 95bfm too!!

Just 24 hours later and ‘Honey Bees’ has also reached #4 on 95bFM top 10 this week!! How amazing to reach #4 on Radio One 91FM AND now 95bfm! This is amazing!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

If you would like to help us get to #1, you can vote here: https://www.r1.co.nz/top-11 (for Dunedin) or here: https://95bfm.com/top10 (for Auckland) 🌼🐝🌻🔥💕💓
And a big shout out to a couple other radio stations who have also added us to their playlists Plains FM and Manawatu People’s Radio.
And if you tune into OAR FM Dunedin – Community Access Media at 8:10 tomorrow morning, you will hear Grawlixes being interviewed for our upcoming album release & NZ tour.

Tickets to a show near you here: https://thegrawlixes.com/tour/

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