SINGLE RELEASE ALERT!! City Across the Bay!!

SINGLE RELEASE ALERT! The 3rd single from our upcoming album ‘City Across the Bay’ is out today!! Click here:
Robin said of the song “The song is inspired by the view you have of Nelson from across Tasman Bay as you head towards Kaiteriteri. The type of view that’s rooted in NZ’s collective imagination, if not from actual experience then from pretty ad campaigns, probably selling you alcohol. City Across the Bay is a breakup song grounded in my feelings about Torrent Bay. I wrote it shortly after Penelope and I ended our relationship back in late 2016. The verses are from my perspective, and the choruses from Penelope’s, broadly speaking. A lot of my life is represented here one way or another, to the extent I was moved to tears when hearing the basic rhythm tracks back in the initial session. This is also one of two songs from Love You To Death that feature puns in their opening lines (the other is Modern Boy) and the only song on the album that features a swear word (‘shit’). Kinda ironic that we use so few swear words given our band name, and the purpose of Grawlixes [a literary term for the symbols that bleep out swear words].”

And if you want to pre-save our upcoming album ‘Love You To Death’ (out 15th July). Click here:

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