NEW SINGLE ALERT!! And ‘Honey Bees’ has been playlisted on RDU!!!

So we have two lots of big news. Phwoar!!

Firstly…. in big news

NEW SINGLE ALERT! The 3rd single of our upcoming album, ‘City Across The Bay’, is coming out this Wednesday, 6th July 2021. Luckily, you can pre-save the song by clicking here:

Here is the single cover…

Secondly… in equally great news!

Our latest single ‘Honey Bees’ has just been playlisted on the fabulous RDU 98.5 FM. Feeling the love ❤❤ Can’t wait to play the song on our upcoming 12 date NZ tour in July/August as well. You can head on over to to get your tickets. And thanks to everyone who has already got in quick to purchase early – we’re so grateful!

You can buy ‘Honey Bees’ here: or pre-purchase our upcoming album here:

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