New single & a feature on Songcrush, RNZ!

Tony Stamp, Danielle Street & Nick Bollinger said some lovely things about our new single Immortalised on Songcrush Saturday just gone (11th July). You can listen to the full thing here by skipping to 9:49 for the music or 11:00 for the commentary

If you’d prefer us to tell you what was said – no problem. Danielle said “it’s absolutely delightful, I was pleasantly surprised by it.” Tony said “it’s pretty stunning”. Nick Bollinger called Immortalised a “largely acoustic, sort of folk based melodies & things, but actually it’s bigger than it initially sounds and certainly as this song unfolds there’s all sorts of almost orchestral things that come in, there’s the lovely trumpet that comes in, and these amorphous atmospheric sounds …the verses have got this small nursery rhyme melody and then it just opens out, it’s beautiful”

Tony Stamp said “I do think that’s what grabs me about it, the slow slow swell until you’re in the chorus and you’re sort of enveloped by the sound”

Danielle said Grawlixes are “one to watch out for.” We certainly appreciate the kind words – you’ve brought joy to the Grawlixes hearts ❤

I’ve thrown in a photo of Sufjan Stevens, because he has quite lovely green eyes and the wallpaper behind him is very aesthetically pleasing

Sufjan Stevens

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