#13 in the NZ Album Charts, a flattering review & a live performance on Radio1

Oooweee! Grawlixes are #13 in the NZ Album Charts – 1 up from last week! Thanks so much for all the support! *Feeling the love* 💗💖💞

Thanks Peter-James Dreis from Music.net.nz for the flattering review! A compelling argument to buy our album 

“I want the world to hear you, Grawlixes. Because behind your melancholy, there is a sense or happiness. Or relief. Or closure. Or some unnamed feeling I live to push down deep…Get out there. Keep going. Tour more, or sell-out (I know, a dirty word). Get your songs on TV ads…I’d say get your cinematic, emotion laden songs into movies, because your songs are too good to be hoarded in the minds of the Indie Kids alone. But by the same token, your music shouldn’t be relegated to background noise…But the full enjoyment of your music, not just of your vocal licks, needs attention, a dedicated listening session in a bean bag by a window, in a world where I have time to indulge is such pleasures. You don’t get that jay-walking or avoiding bicycles. If it wasn’t for this social anxiety I’ve often misinterpreted as misanthropy, I’d love to come and see you live…And Grawlixes aren’t *%#$.

We also played a delightful afternoon performance on Radio One 91FM a couple weeks ago. Thanks Radio One & Steven John Marr – Audio Engineer/Producer!

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