Here are some photos of our trip to Iceland. We went there to play as part of the excellent New Zealand band French for Rabbits at the Iceland Airwaves Festival. As a result, we also got to see some amazing International bands, such as Ariel Pink, Beach House, Battles, John Grant and Norwegian newcomer Aurora (to name but a few – see photos below). We also saw some great architecture, statues, graffiti, trees, waterfalls, landscapes and tiny Icelandic horses. There were even rock pools that people throw money into, making the water glisten in an aesthetically appealing way. Our host had an excellent dog called Mafia, who would wake us up most mornings and hang out. The sulphur in the water changed my ring from silver to gold (it has since returned to silver after a week using different water). In other Icelandic events, I cut my bass playing finger so badly, the knife went through my nail. Much to the disappointment of the band and presumably the audience, my cut didn’t cause me to bleed over the stage or the audience during performances. Iceland is a wondrous place. Breathtaking in many ways.

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