We played in Switzerland at a beautiful wedding (as French for Rabbits) and at a house concert (as Grawlixes). Here is a mixture of photographs from one of my favourite places so far. We got a flat tyre just before the wedding, but our amazing hosts not only helped us fit the spare tyre, but they also sourced a replacement for us. Amazing people! There was an Alphorn player at the wedding too, a sacrificial burning of a miniature wooden statue and they even released lanterns into the night sky. It was a truly wonderful day. The laughing dude on the bottom left hand corner is a toilet paper holder at the house concert we played at – the Swiss have it all!

P1020239 P1020303 P1020276

P1020246 P1020252 P1020400

P1020450 P1020516 P1020552 P1020683 P1020687 P1030680 P1030699 P1030740 P1030742

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