Grawlixes are supporting Nadia Reid this Saturday, 13th December, at Taste Merchants

Hello everyone!! And welcome to the Grawlixes website. We are an indie-pop band from Dunedin, New Zealand. Our members are Robin Cederman (guitar & vocals) and Penelope Esplin (accordion & vocals). This is our first website and it’s still the teething stages, so you may have to bear with us until we get it up to scratch.

We have just come back from a few tour dates with the amazing French for Rabbits. We played at the Opera House in Oamaru on the 4th of December and at The Darkroom in Christchurch on the 5th of December. Turns out French for Rabbits are not only great songwriters, but are absolutely lovely people.  It was such an honour to join them on their nationwide tour. If you want to learn more about them (perhaps hear their music or even buy something), you can do so here:

In other amazing news, we’re supporting the wonderful Nadia Reid this Saturday, 13th of December, at Taste Merchants in Dunedin. She is giving Dunedin audiences a preview of her upcoming album, so you should come along! Her music is very beautiful. I’ve never had the privilege of seeing Nadia in a performance setting (this is Penelope speaking), but Robin assures me I will be blown away. Every single person I have spoken to about Nadia sings her praises, so I’m very much looking forward to the gig. If you want to buy advanced tickets, you can do so here:

Hope to see you there!!